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blue sage w/lavendar+eucalyptus.

blue sage w/lavendar+eucalyptus.


blue sage w/lavender + eucalyptus bundle

sage cleansing is a sacred ritual practiced by indigenous ancestors and native people over centuries, and is now widely practiced today. it is a ritual that is practiced daily and/or whenever or wherever cleansing, balancing and purifying is needed for yourself, your body/mind/aura/spirit, others, a room/space, crystals and other special tools. cleansing clears and purifies evil and negative spirits and energies... setting the intention for seeing, hearing, speaking, doing and feeling all good things.

how to use,

light top end with matches or lighter, and allow flame to naturally turn into smoke. place on a heat resistant surface. wash hands as the smoke rises, and direct smoke around aura and physical body or crystals while setting an intention or prayer. use with caution.




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