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green striped agate bracelet [heart]

green striped agate bracelet [heart]


green striped agate, 

stone for hope, justice and compassion. green striped agate focuses on the heart chakra, strengthening our mental and emotional flexibility to help with keeping an open mind. it assists with decision making, and is useful in resolving disputes. this stone deepens our connection with nature, allowing us to see the beauty in change, growth and transformation. green striped agate teaches us compassion and brings hope, especially during times of adversity.



each bracelet is made-to-order with 100% natural, beeswax-free hemp thread and natural mother-of-pearl button closure. all pieces are selected and created with intention and care, and will vary in color, shape and size. no two pieces are alike.



adjustable with four sizing options


made in los angeles, ca

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