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crystal clear kit.

crystal clear kit.


crystal clear kit w/love


rose quartz,

master stone of unconditional love, self-love, inner peace and compassion. rose quartz supports the heart chakra, opening the heart for giving and receiving love to others and to oneself. it helps with inner healing, soothing internal pain, grief, trauma and crisis.



• handwrapped natural rose quartz keychain

• sage + lavender bundle

• palo santo + eucalyptus bundle

• selenite tower

• match jar w/striker



cleansing is a sacred ritual practiced by indigenous ancestors and native people over centuries, and is now widely practiced today. it is a ritual that is practiced daily and/or whenever or wherever cleansing, balancing and purifying is needed for yourself, your body/mind/aura/spirit, others, a room/space, crystals and other special tools. cleansing clears and purifies evil and negative spirits and energies... setting the intention for seeing, hearing, speaking, doing and feeling all good things.



all crystal clear kits are made-to-order. each handwrapped rose quartz keychain is made with 100% natural, beeswax-free hemp thread. every crystal is unique, selected and created with intention and care. no two pieces are alike.


made in los angeles, ca

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