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seven chakras crystal bracelet

seven chakras crystal bracelet


handwrapped crystal bracelet for opening, balancing and aligning the chakras


chakra, in sankrit, refers to the spinning disks or center points of energy and light in our bodies. maintaining the flow and keeping our chakras free of blockages is essential to our well-being. the chakra crystal anklet serves as a tool to grow with the flow, keep balance and embody the love, light + power within you.


• crown chakra (top of head) consciousness + spirituality

• third-eye chakra (center between eyebrows) awareness + intuition

• throat chakra (center of neck) communication + personal truth

• heart chakra (center of chest) love + healing

• solar plexus chakra (center above umbilicus) personal power + confidence

• sacral chakra (center below umbilicus) motivation, self-expression + creativity

• root/base chakra (base of spine, tailbone) the foundation



each bracelet is made with 100% natural, beeswax-free hemp thread and natural crystals. crystal bracelets are selected and created with intention and care, and will vary in color, shape and size, making each piece unique and one-of-one.



adjustable with four sizing options


made in los angeles, ca

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